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System Financing

It pays for itself, and more.


Unlike digester systems, the economics of our systems do not rely solely on power sales, but rather a diversified set of profitable outputs. Hydros systems derive roughly 30% of gross revenue from energy sales and the remaining 70% from its high-value co-products.  Projects offer a simple payback of 3-5 years without a reliance on emission credit sales, and an impressive 22% or more ROI.


Finance Options:


  • Joint Venture (preferred): With this third party ownership model, our company invests in the project in conjunction with the site host’s specific needs and set of variables. The site host executes a land lease and feedstock agreement, and we design and install a system to remediate wastewater and nutrient management issues to benefit the facility. The site host may participate as an equity holder in the system ownership, and benefits proportionately to the investment and revenue produced. Site Host may also have the option to purchase the system after debt and equity holder returns are satisfied.


  • Sole Ownership: In this more traditional owner financed model, the site host invests in the Hydros System in its entirety including patent and construction costs, and in turn benefits from all possible revenue. As a renewable energy facility, a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit applies to about 80% of total cost. Click here for a complete list of incentives and subsidies available.


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