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Profitable Outputs and Water Treatment Co-Products

In addition to its emission-reducing design and government incentives, arguably the most enticing feature of the Hydros System is its profit producing outputs.


The system’s combination of anaerobic and aerobic digestion produces a high value fertilizer product.  Its high NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) rating along with beneficial biological factors is a desirable fertilizer product.

Algae / Animal Food

The system’s algae production creates a valuable output with between 5-8% nitrogen.  As animal feed, the algae provide a fish meal replacement with protein content as high as 50%.

Biogas / Energy

The system produces clean methane. Depending on site conditions and needs for natural gas or electricity and the market, the gas can be used to create electricity or renewable natural gas.

Clean Water

The system produces water cleaned to terciary standards.  The water can be re-used, or disposed without surcharges. Often valued by cost avoided to clean or dispose, recent clean water sales in California have reached a relatively high value when sold under transfer provisions.

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