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Project Development and Engineering Services (PD/PE)

Hydros Agritech offers PD/PE services to clients attempting to solve unique or challenging environment related issues. Many clients find it they can no longer use traditional methods or use conventional technologies to solve envirnmental issues in the agricultural and food processing industries. Others find that the use of public sewers and treatment facilities are also no longer a viable option.


We bring a robust expertise to clients, and assist in solving environmental  problems. 


Our areas of expertise include evaporation/distillation technologies, anaerobic and aerobic bioreactors, reverse osmosis, use of flocculants and advanced filtration technologies as well as energy, feed and fertilizer production.


We understand the place of each technology, the cost implications, and revenue opportunities in every situation. 


While Hydros Agritech maintains relationships with many manufacturers worldwide, we are not beholden to any specific manufacturer or product line.  Hydros uses its best professional judgement to the benefit of the client in all instances.

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