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We know how burdensome agricultural water treatment and nutrient management can be for agriculture and food processing industries. Government mandates on raw waste distribution and the U. S. Clean Water Act can handicap agribusinesses both financially and in terms of land usage.


Efforts to simply maintain raw waste distrubution can be costly and time consuming, and often still fail at meeting government standards.


We provide closed-loop, agricultural water treatment and resource reclamation products for agriculture and food processing industries.


Our team has a long history of water treatment innovation, pioneering advanced treatment systems for large-scale construction sites across the Country. Our proven Hydros Systems not only lift the financial burden but also create a means of added income from eco-friendly outputs. We turn waste streams into revenue streams, while keeping harmful wastewater and nutrients out of waterways that can affect flora and fauna.


Our systems have transformed the costly catch 22 for agribusiness into a profitable solution for farmers, wineries, dairies, and pig and poultry facilities.

Bio Digestor Feed Stock 

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