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Incentives & Subsidies

Hydros projects include functions that are widely incentivized including the production of renewable energy, greenhouse gas reductions, water quality improvements and the creation of green jobs.  These incentives are available at federal, state and local government levels.


Possible qualifications include:


  • Federal Investment Tax Credits and accelerated depreciation for renewable energy projects. These are up to 30% of the project’s CapEx for those components that are directly related to renewable energy.

  • Renewable Energy Production Tax Credits.

  • New Market Tax Credits in many rural locations.

  • E5B (Immigration Investor Program).

  • The US Department of Energy as well as the Department of Food and Agriculture both have grant and loan programs for biogas and solar projects.

  • Many states are supporting the development of biogas programs with subsidies for distributed generation in support of states mandates for increased renewable generation.

  • In many instances tax favored bonds financing is available. As an example, The Treasurer of California has found the projects to be eligible for bonds exempt from state income tax.

  • At the local level, property tax exemptions, green job subsidies and other incentives such as reduced permitting times/fees are frequently available.

  • As Cap and Trade markets continue to emerge and mature, the verifiable emission reductions from dairy and CAFO related projects are eligible to be certified and sold as “carbon credits”. California recently held an auction of credits and a protocol for dairy and CAFO projects is already approved.

  • In some areas, nutrient management credits can also be certified and sold.

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