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Patrick McLafferty, Principal

Passionate about renewable energy, McLafferty career has focused on pioneering programs and developing legislation to help drive energy efficiency. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Planning and was awarded an MBA in management from Pepperdine University. McLafferty brings with him more than 30 years of private and public sector relations, serving on and collaborating with state, regional and federal agencies such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, State Senate Energy Committee, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the California Energy Commission. His first-hand knowledge of government codes and regulations is a valuable asset and helps ensure our clientele not only meets compliance but also exceeds government standards.


In 1981, McLafferty founded a management and consulting firm, specializing primarily in the energy, retail sectors and both public and private partnerships. The firm grew to become the largest independent management and consulting practice in Northern California. Among its clients were the US-Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA), US Department of Energy, the California Energy Commission, as well as several major investor-owned utilities. McLafferty also founded the California Home Energy Rating System and served as the executive of the forerunner to the US-EPA Energy Star Program, the Super-Efficient Refrigerator Program (SERP) raising $30 million for project incentives from the private sector. The program proved that utilities, working together, could transform the market while simultaneously promoting energy efficiency.


McLafferty also served as an advisor to the California Energy Commission on the development of the nation’s first building energy efficiency standards for residential and nonresidential construction. These standards, known as Title 24 of the California Administrative Code, have served as a national model. McLafferty also served as a member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Fuel Cell Council, and as a founder and officer of the California Alliance for Distributed Energy Resources. Both organizations pioneered public policy at the state and national level for distributed energy such as site based wind, solar and biomass including dairy waste. McLafferty was also contracted by the California Energy Commission to develop and edit the state’s first Solar Energy manual and worked as a consultant to the Automotive Recyclers Association of California to develop uniform standards and practices for vehicle dismantling, storing and disposal. This collaborative process created Best Management Practices that were adopted by more than 400 auto recyclers in the state, and eventually in other areas of the country.


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